The premise behind Interactive Deception

1,792 data breaches led to almost 1.4 billion data records being compromised worldwide during 2016, an increase of 86 percent over 2015 (Gemalto’s Breach Level Index}. Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report found that in 93 percent of cases where data was stolen, systems were compromised in minutes or less. (Verizon).

Traditional prevention and detection methods are being bypassed and hence are more or less ineffective.
At the same time, cyber security is a matter of survival, and proactively fighting off intruders has become a business imperative.

Hence the only option is to deploy deception methods to detect hackers and make it more difficult, time consuming, and cost prohibitive for them to attack


The Ridgeback Interactive Deception Platform is an extensible suite of components that protects networks from attack. It takes the fight to the enemy using Interactive Deception and causes the adversary to needlessly exhaust resources. This aggressive strategy results in the cost of attack outweighing the benefits of attack.

Assessing Intrusions and Measuring Risk Just Doesn’t Work.

Influence, Deceive, Eliminate - Ridgeback Interactive Deception Platform

Deceive - Ridgeback Interactive Deception Platform

— Deceive —

Manage billions of decoys in the network that immediately trigger a Ridgeback response to the presence of intruders.

Influence - Ridgeback Interactive Deception Platform

— Influence —

Influence the behavior of intruders so 1) they are easier to detect, and 2) they are forced to absorb the cost of attack.

Eliminate - Ridgeback Interactive Deception Platform

— Eliminate —

Block access to protected network services without revealing the services have been blocked.


The Ridgeback Interactive Deception Platform influences adversary behavior, leading the adversary to engage in behaviors that reveal malicious intent. Without requiring constant updates, the Ridgeback Interactive Deception Platform dramatically reduces the cost of defense in time and labor and dramatically increases the cost of attack – in time, labor and resources.

With Ridgeback, attacking is exponentially more difficult than defending.

How Interactive Deception Works

Your real end points are intermingled with an armada of ghost end points.

Increases Cost of the attack

The adversary realises that it will need an eternity to investigate an apparently infinite network.

Creates 'ghost' resources

Every ghost ‘resource’ the adversary touches sets of alarm bells and triggers an automatic response.

Engages adversary and confuses him

Ridgeback instantly engages the adversary – confuses, isolates, stalls, eliminates.

Protect Your Network. Win the Cyber War.

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