All companies today are at risk from a successful attack on their IT systems.

Larger organizations normally have extensive security budgets and resources to implement strong perimeter and internal defenses, but many professional service firms do not have the internal resources to commit that same level of investment into IT security.

Professional services organizations such as law firms, accountancy and audit firms, management consultants, M&A advisers and recruitment companies are now being targeted because of the valuable and confidential information which they may hold on their clients, and more importantly, because they can provide a back-door entry into those clients’ systems.
Moreover lawyers, accountants, management consultants and other professional service providers are increasingly relying on email, smartphones and other cloud based services to handle deals, projects and other confidential matters making them vulnerable.
Unlike other exploratory attacks, cyber criminals targeting professional services know exactly what they are looking for information on mergers and acquisitions, lawsuits, tax, intellectual property and strategic plans,for instance.
Exposure of confidential information can strike at the core of a professional services firm’s obligation to safeguard clients’ information and can do considerable harm to the firm’s reputation

Ridgeback can help protect your citizens information from theft while also cutting down on labor.

  1. Ridgeback is straightforward to install and deploy – needing no reconfiguration of the live network
  2. Ridgeback does not require any management of endpoint agents – there are none
  3. Ridgeback does not create false positives – so incident response burdens fall – and there’s no need for a person in the loop

The ease of deployment and management of Ridgeback makes the security team’s arguments to elective leaders an easier task, thanks to its easy-to-grasp method of operation – the infinite hall of mirrors.

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