Telecom companies are a large target for cyber-attacks because they build, control and operate critical infrastructure that is widely used to communicate and store large amounts of sensitive data.

Government agencies are increasingly attacking telecom operators’ infrastructure and applications to establish covert surveillance. Communication channels targeted for covert surveillance include everything from phone lines and online chat to mobile phone data.
Customer data is another popular high impact target. Telecom organizations typically store personal information — such as names, addresses and financial data – about all of their customers. This sensitive data can be used to blackmail customers, conduct identity theft, steal money or launch further attacks.

Media & Entertainment industry is also an attractive target for cyber attacks. The repercussions of attacks on Media & Entertainment can lead to shows or movies being leaked before a studio has released them, exposure of personal and financial information and ultimately the shutdown of operations.
The cost is often extraordinary, both financially and artistically, and it can be incredibly challenging to get back on track following a serious attack.

Ridgeback offers a solution that can readily become a layered component of the most complex security strategies because it is

  1. Easy to install and deploy
  2. Because it will not conflict with existing strategies
  3. It stops lateral movement automatically and in real time to provide data loss prevention

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