Cyber-attacks in the insurance sector are growing exponentially as insurance companies migrate toward digital channels in an effort to create tighter customer relationships, offer new products and expand their share of customers’ financial portfolios. Although these digital investments provide new strategic capabilities, they also introduce new cyber-risks and attack vectors to organizations that are relatively inexperienced at dealing with the challenges of an omni-channel environment.

Insurers possess large amounts of personal information about their customers, which is very attractive to identity thieves and fraudsters. Insurers also possess significant amounts of customer credit card and payment data.

Since the insurance business revolves around trust, a major breach can have a very real impact on an insurer’s brand and market value.

The rising costs data breaches and the continued threats mandate implementation of an assured information security framework.

Ridgeback offers a solution that can readily become a layered component of the most complex security strategies because it is

  1. Easy to install and deploy
  2. Because it will not conflict with existing strategies
  3. It stops lateral movement automatically and in real time to provide data loss prevention

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