Every large enterprise stores valuable customer and financial information at the corporate level.

Hospitality companies are amongst the few whose services include providing network connectivity to millions of different customers every day.

Hotel networks are a target-rich environment for cyber criminals to set up shop and steal from other hotel guests when they access the guest network. Hoteliers remain vulnerable to hackers seeking confidential information like guests’ credit card data and employees’ personal information. They are also vulnerable in other ways. In a recent hotel breach, hackers did not go after confidential data, but rather sought a ransom payment after taking control of the hotel’s technology.

Also not only are guest information systems targets, but also the life and safety systems – HVAC, elevators, electricity and so on. It was concluded that while financial theft could impact a hotel and its reputation, a hack of the physical structure of a business could put the hotel out of business.

Ridgeback defeats the lateral movement used by cyber criminals to find a victimize other guests when they access the hotel guest network.

Ridgeback ensures honest overnight visitors are unaffected – and criminals are stopped in real time – both on internal networks as well as BYOD shared networks.

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