The healthcare industry is vast and complex, has tremendous amounts of patient data, and it’s not equipped to protect it.

Healthcare transformed with the adoption of new technology, for e.g. electronic health records (EHRs), that has resulted in huge efficiency and the quality of patient care, however such technologies also grow the attack surface.

The interconnected nature of the modern healthcare industry makes small targets as an easy means of entry to breach a larger organization. Medical data breaches are hard to ignore since healthcare exposed more social security numbers than any other industry in 2016, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center.

Compliance regimes are costly to enforce, and in spite of being required, may not necessarily change the likelihood that patient records are stolen, or that patient care is interrupted by systems taken out of service by malicious bots or worms.

By extinguishing lateral movement through the network, Ridgeback ensures a single compromise won’t lead to broader control of the environment – or theft of sensitive data.

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