Since financial data is one of the most appealing targets for hackers, institutions dealing primarily in finance need to remain extra vigilant about cybersecurity. The financial sector has been at risk for cyber security attacks since the inception of the Internet.
Data Privacy and Security have been the major concerns for financial organizations. This risk has increased in the past several years due to rapid changes in computer hacking capabilities as well because of emerging technologies.
With the most at stake from cybercrime, banks and financial services companies are the most sophisticated of cybersecurity practitioners.

Ridgeback offers a solution that can readily become a layered component of the most complex security strategies because

  1. It is easy to install and deploy
  2. It will not conflict with existing strategies and network operations
  3. It has the ability to isolate the intruder automatically and in real time

In addition to stopping lateral movement, for instance, Ridgeback allows you to know the instant machine X attempts to contact with machine Y and ensure that the network compliance policies are strictly adhered to.

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