Cybercriminals have increasingly taken notice of schools and universities as profitable targets for cyberattacks. A key reason for this is the types of information schools keep on students, parents, and staff.

Hackers see teachers and parents as a “soft target” since many times they are ill-equipped to deal with cyber thefts. This is because very few educational systems are watching the use of their network; most are focused on establishing a virtual security perimeter to keep bad guys and malware out. The sensitive data held by schools – such as children’s medical records – are lucrative on the dark web.

High schools and even middle schools have many mischievous community members – and are also being targeted by professional data thieves (see WSJ).

Our schools are also personnel and cash constrained.

For Ridgeback, these circumstances are no challenge. With its ease of deployment, low IT overhead and no false positives the cost / security equation is a winning combination.

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