Here Comes Ridgeback Cloud

//Here Comes Ridgeback Cloud

Here Comes Ridgeback Cloud

The feature customers have asked for the most is cloud management for Ridgeback Hunter. Guess what? Here it comes!


We used to sell only a hardware appliance. Customers kept asking for a software version, so we released Ridgeback Hunter in March 2016, a software version that runs on servers or on virtual machines. After that, customers wanted an improved installation process, better user interface, and easy integration with security monitoring tools. In November 2016 we released Ridgeback Hunter 2.0, with streamlined installation, a snazzy web-based user interface, and the Ridgeback Log Adapter (RLA), a component that makes integration super simple.

The most frequent request we now get is for cloud management, especially for multi-tenant environments. You asked, and you shall receive. Although we have not announced a release date, yet, rest assured that Ridgeback Cloud is coming. With Ridgeback Cloud, you will be able to easily deploy any number of Ridgeback Hunter instances and manage them all from a single sign-on via the Internet. Even better, you can manage multiple organizations, sites, and users. Ridgeback Cloud will make security so much easier, and you will have it in your hands soon.

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