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BSidesCharm 2016

What a weekend! BSidesCharm 2016 has concluded. There was a fantastic turnout with multiple speaking tracks, training, some CTF rooms, crypto challenge, fox chasing, happy hour, party — all around fun for all!
I gave the talk, “The Value of Deceiving Attackers.” The talk was non-technical and attempted to guide people from thinking about static defenses to thinking about active defenses. The tactics are what they would call Maskirovka in the Russian military.
I was one of the conference organizers, so the days of the conference I was on staff duty. I did manage to slip out for Paul Joyal’s keynote on Russian information warfare.  Wow!  A topic very near and dear to my heart, which also intersects nicely with active defense and deception technology.
Next year, be sure to get your tickets for BSidesCharm early — they sell out FAST!
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