BSidesCharm 2015 Trip Report

//BSidesCharm 2015 Trip Report

BSidesCharm 2015 Trip Report

Good times!  In case you missed it, there was a BSidesCharm 2015 security conference in Columbia, Maryland this weekend (April 11-12).  There were many great talks, great food, a great party at Unallocated Space, and the organizers did a fantastic job at putting it all together.  If you weren’t there, then you missed Dr. Kryptia’s amusing rant about simians and security, and Dave Marcus’ excellent presentation on hackers in the corporate world.  There were CTF events, lock picking, and more!

The party at Unallocated Space was awesome — food, drink, a great DJ, and the unforgettable fire tornado!

(Okay, maybe this isn’t a very detailed trip report, but did I mention the excellent party?)

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