In Cybersecurity, enterprises deal with a rapidly-evolving, impossible to foretell threat landscape, making a delayed response harmful, and inaction potentially catastrophic. An enterprise cybersecurity program must be able to adapt to be successful. Ridgeback enables an enterprise’s security program to adapt by making effective and timely decisions to address ever changing cyber threats. Ridgeback is the most effective tool to disrupt the attack lifecycle before Lateral Movement occurs.

Ridgeback offers a new theory of defense – reshape the network battlefield so enterprises can win – that is adaptive to any threat type, on any network, with any mix of devices and OS types. Ridgeback impairs the attacker, not the defender, disrupting the current dynamic like no other security product. Networks running Ridgeback will never be the Adversary’s target of opportunity.

Create an impossible challenge for the attacker. Repel and evict attackers with a potent mix of data poisoning, policy enforcement and phantom resources. How….

See the attack vectors attackers use to do harm in your network.

Poison the network data attackers need to expand their control over network assets. Attackers never see an accurate picture of your network.

Enforce networking practices and policies that trigger countermeasures when violated.

Make your network hostile to the attacker with millions of landmines that evict attackers in real time.

Ridgeback generates NO false positives.

Adapt to any threat past or future. Maintain the most secure posture with proactive measures.

Ridgeback enables enterprises to make effective and timely decisions to adapt to security threats by providing

Ridgeback is plug-and-play, requires no time-consuming configuration, no infrastructure burden, operates the instant it is activated, requires little or no oversight and won’t disturb or encumber your live network.