Ridgeback is an enterprise security software platform that defeats malicious network invasion in real time.

An attacker is presented with the appearance of literally billions of network resources and endpoints. When an adversary scans or investigates the Ridgeback resources, Ridgeback mounts an active, dynamic defense by injecting, modifying and dropping Ethernet frames to influence adversary behavior and automatically eliminate them from your network.


“We like the idea of the hacker being in the room full of precariously placed glass and then flipping the lights out on them to wait for the smashing and associated SOC alerts…. a force to be reckoned with”

– Ridgeback User

— Interactive Deception —

The Ridgeback Interactive Deception Platform influences adversary behavior, leading them to engage in activity that reveals malicious intent, creates the opportunity for counter-engagement and eliminates the threat.

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— Product —

The Ridgeback Interactive Deception Platform protects networks from attack in real time. Without requiring constant updates, Ridgeback dramatically increases the cost of attack in time and labor, putting the enterprise back in control.

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Why Ridgeback

Ridgeback’s approach is a disruptive break from traditional retrospective, analytical threat assessment. If all you do is play defense, you’re sure to become a victim. Ridgeback champions the idea that to defeat an enemy you must engage them.

Dynamic, automated and easily scalable for safe counter-engagement in any network environment.

Increases Cost of the Attack

Increases cost of the attack

Ridgeback dramatically reduces the cost of defense and dramatically increases the cost to the attacker (in time and labor).

Reduces the attack dwell time

Reduces the attack dwell time

In-memory system operates at the speed of your network, making it true real time, reducing the attack dwell time to almost zero.

Ridgeback is a real time solution

Real time

A true real-time plug and play solution with instant time-to-value disrupts the attack life cycle without needing your people in the loop.

Plug and play

Plug and play implementation operates bidirectionally without the need of definition / rule / pattern updates, console or human intervention.

Ridgeback is plug-and-play, requires no time-consuming configuration, no infrastructure burden, operates the instant it is activated, requires little or no oversight and won’t disturb or encumber your live network.

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