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Your network is loaded with chaos. How much risk will you tolerate?
Sort it all out with Ridgeback
Is your organization's chaos stressing you out?
Control the chaos and limit your liability with Ridgeback.
Some of the ways your peers use Ridgeback...
As an IT manager, I must know about all devices on my network.
As a security professional, I want to interfere with enemy scanners.
As a defensive security professional, I must determine how easy it is to hack my system.
As a network engineer, I must validate that my Firewalls are working as intended.
As a sysadmin, I need to identify all the insecure hostname queries on the network.
As a sysadmin, it's my responsibility to thoroughly verify that our DNS is set up correctly.
As an IT professional, I need to explain the status and importance of our IT assets to nontechnical senior executives.
As a network engineer or security professional, I need to know if any unauthorized communications are happening in my network.
As a sysadmin or network admin, I need to know if any of my machines are trying to talk to services that don't exist.
As a security professional, I need to know what, if any, machines are scanning my network.
As a sysadmin or network admin, I need to know if any devices are missing from my network.
As a security professional, I need a way to slow down attackers in my network, so I have time to respond.
As a network professional, I must know if my network segmentation keeps the data separate.
As a network admin, it's my responsibility to emphasize to nontechnical people the necessity of cleaning up our network.
As a network admin, it's essential for me to understand the load that Windows Update Delivery Optimization (WUDO) puts on our network.

Is Ridgeback right for you?

Almost certainly, yes. Ridgeback is designed for versatility, allowing it to integrate seamlessly with nearly any security strategy.

Once they start using it, we see people rapidly go from "Ridgeback is cool" to "Ridgeback is an essential part of our infrastructure."

Whether you are protecting and managing information technology (IT) or operational technology (OT), you will find numerous ways in which Ridgeback helps you secure and manage your assets.

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