Ridgeback Extinguishes Malicious Lateral Movement

Firewalls can’t secure all the avenues in.
Intrusion Detection is after-the-fact.

Ridgeback changes the cyber battlefield to make it impossible for the enemy and puts you back in control!

Influence the enemy’s behavior.

Deny Knowledge. Deny Lateral Movement. Deny Control.

Expose & Extinguish threats as they occur.


“Ridgeback is a force multiplier, we’re going to stop lateral movement and leapfrog ahead with just one tool as opposed to needing 3 or 4”

– Ridgeback User

— Interactive Deception —

Adversaries engage in activity that reveals malicious intent, Ridgeback instantly counter-engages and eliminates the threat.

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— Product —

Ridgeback assures that an individual breach won’t develop into a deeply harmful problem by extinguishing lateral movement.

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Why Ridgeback

Ridgeback arrests Lateral Movement before it can do harm in Real time & Automatically. Ridgeback champions the idea that to defeat an enemy you must engage them.

Dynamic, automated and easily scalable for safe counter-engagement in any network environment.

Extinguish Lateral Movement in Real Time, Automatically

Hackers need lateral movement to create the most harm to IT systems & steal data.

Eliminate False

Security teams are overburdened with incident response – on mostly false positive alerts.

Easy to Install, On-board and Operate

IDPS solutions are difficult to manage from start to finish.

Ridgeback is plug-and-play, requires no time-consuming configuration, no infrastructure burden, operates the instant it is activated, requires little or no oversight and won’t disturb or encumber your live network.