“Ridgeback is a force multiplier…we’re going to stop lateral movement and leapfrog ahead with just one tool as opposed to needing 3 or 4…”

– Large Manufacturing Company CISO

“As a data centre service provider for several businesses, Information security is our top concern as a number of our servers are public-facing and need to be protected to provide 24/7 operations. After a comprehensive trial, we found Ridgeback as the right solution to provide the additional security to ensure that our systems are protected from lateral threat movements. Ridgeback is now part of our core set of technologies to protect our customers and their data and we are pleased to have deployed Ridgeback in our data centre. ”

– Director and Principal Consultant of a Large Data Centre in UK

— Adaptive Security —

Ridgeback protects your data and every asset in your network irrespective of hardware or Operating System. Any other security measure fits within Ridgeback’s envelope of protection.

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— Product —

Ridgeback extinguishes lateral movement to assure that an individual breach won’t develop into a deeply harmful problem.

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Why Ridgeback

Ridgeback provides a radically safer total network environment. Your live assets and security measures fit seamlessly within Ridgeback’s protective envelope.

Ridgeback arrests Lateral Movement before it can do harm in Real time & Automatically.

Ridgeback champions the idea that to defeat an enemy you must engage them.

Dynamic, automated and easily scalable for safe counter-engagement in any network environment.

Expel Malicious Intruders in Real Time, Automatically

Hackers need lateral movement to create the most harm to IT systems, steal data and become an Advanced Persistent Threat.

Eliminate False

Security teams are overburdened with too much fine-tuning, monitoring, and incident response – on mostly false positive alerts.

Easy to Install, on-board and Operate

IDPS solutions are difficult to manage from start to finish and need continually updated signature libraries.

Ridgeback is plug-and-play, requires no time-consuming configuration, no infrastructure burden, operates the instant it is activated, requires little or no oversight and won’t disturb or encumber your live network.