Founding Principles

Ridgeback is the only security software that embodies the principles of cyber defense advocated by the United States of America CyberSpace Solarium Commission
Shape Behavior

Deny benefits

Impose costs

Ridgeback Disrupts And Deters
Costly Attacks


o Ensure that the cost of attack on a network running Ridgeback is very high and is not worth their time, which also dramatically reduces the cost of defense
o Eliminate threats in real time, and deter current and future attacks.
o Impair and evict the Attacker by locking activity at the operating kernel of offending devices (IT & OT) and isolating them from contact with other live machines.


o Shape attacker behavior by frustrating and Interdicting information gathering and internal movement by an Adversary at the discovery / enumeration stage.
o Deny benefits by filling dark space in the network with light, leaving nowhere to hide.
o Impose costs on the Attacker by confusing them, freezing their communications, isolating them from contact with live devices and evicting them from the network isolation using Man-in-the-middle, automated to hack back at massive scale, safely.
o Unlike other the most universal layer of communication inside the network - layers, 2,3,4.

Ridgeback Operates where other solutions do not.

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